A word of caution: do not judge someone exclusively based on their follower count, years of experience or fancy titles.
Often times we get so caught up in buzzwords, fancy titles and status we forget other character traits:
✅Passion ✅Honesty ✅Dedication ✅Care for others
These traits will endure a...

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Do you need help improving your mindset? Then you HAVE to attend my talk.
We all know that you are a success. The only question is: what are you doing to become MORE successful?
I will provide you ACTIONABLE steps you can do RIGHT NOW to help elevate your mindset.
Get ready for a power packeted...

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I loved talking with Susan M. Sparks the other day.

We had a whirlwind copywriting 101 discussion covering everything from choosing words that would appeal to your ideal client, call to action statements and drip marketing campaign.

This talk will be beneficial to anyone new to marketing or c...

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‪Are you on Facebook?‬

‪Then let’s connect in Money Makers.‬

‪Its a business support group dedicated to help you start, grow or scale your business.‬

‪Join today 👇🏾‬

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Your next sale is probably not going to come from a cold prospecting...but it will come from someone who was reading about your business, learning about what makes it unique and how they can benefit from your services.

Stop cold calling and start nurturing the relationships you already have. Yo...

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‪Don’t be present, start showing up.‬

‪Get out of the habit of going through the motions and instead start making decisions with PURPOSE.‬

‪When you start acting with power, POWERFUL things start happening.‬

Need help? I am only a message away.


Your success won't depend on how slick, fancy and cool your product is but CONVINCING your ideal client that your product is slick, fancy and cool. 😎

Remember the pet rock craze in the 70s and 80s? It was a pumice rock 🌑 painted in colors but it made crazy money back in the day.

Why were peo...

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What are you solving?

Who are you helping?

How are you helping them?

So many simple questions but we often do not think about how to answer them. We know we are awesome but we forget to let people know why people should give their hard earned dollar to us.

As business owners, we should make i...

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Do you have a networking event coming up?

Make the most from it by learning more about the other person and less about promoting yourself.


People like doing business with those who genuinely want to get know the other person.


a year ago
Professional and kind.
- Queen T

About Us

Who we are
We use project management principles to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency and productivity.

We are different from business coaches or consulting companies because we do not limit our interaction to the business owner. 

Your business is more than just the owner. We work with key players in your business to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline operations.

Visit our main website to learn more about our programs. 

What to expect from our business coaching services:

Your coach will not let you get lost down the rabbit hole of new business ideas. We help you stay focused on what matters most right now.

As much as you love your business ideas, we want your business to survive. 

We will work to examine current industry trends and discuss whether your business is headed down the right path.

Your coach will provide you resources and lessons on topics such as, but not limited to:

Business Tools and Resources
We already have spent hours creating lessons plans on various subjects. 
Whether you need help identifying your ideal client or improving your speaking skills, we have the tools you need to succeed!

We Give Our Clients:
  • Simple Solutions.
  • No Games, Bait and Switch or Unnecessary Up Sells.
  • Friendly and Approachable Service.

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